Anders Osborne w/ Luther Dickinson
The Pour House
Dec. 6

Guitar great, Anders Osborne, and his band took the Pour House by storm on Tuesday night for a full-throttle set that never let up. Joining the trio on stage was North Mississippi All-Stars’ guitarist, Luther Dickinson, who seemed right at home with the band as they gave the lively crowd three solid hours of music with the volume cranked to the roof.

Throughout the night, songs such as “Love is Taking It’s Toll” and “On the Road to Charlie Parker” evolved into blistering jams with Osborne and Dickinson trading guitar licks. Bassist, Carl Dufrene, and drummer, Eric Bolivar, kept a steady and thunderous rhythm. Songs like “Got My Heart” had a looser, gentler melody with a slight reggae feel, but the evening as a whole was packed full of jams with the heft of the bass riff from the front speaker shaking folks from the inside out.

Judging by the smiles and hoopla coming from fans exiting the Pour House late that night, Osborne and company definitely delivered.