Well-regarded front-of-house veteran Andy Fallen (Samos Taverna, Peninsula Grill) returns with a new venture — Eurasia Cafe and Wine Bar, a third location for a Virginia-based mini-chain. Fallen, as managing partner, has teamed up with Executive Chef/Partner Meredith Adams to expand the successful Eurasia concept.

Despite the name, which conjures up a massive continent on the old Risk board, Eurasia is modern American food with a focus on “utilizing products from local and regional farmers,” according to the menu. You can find hints of Asian flavors in dishes like a brightly flavored hot and sour soup and a crunchy spring roll — perhaps a throwback to an original concept that has since evolved with eating trends — but the food is overwhelmingly American, particularly Southern, with big plates of hearty flavors. Scallops come seared and arranged around a big pile of potato puree on top of tomato jam with some dressed arugula on the side while a pork loin gets rolled in some gingersnap crust before being cooked to a perfect medium rare and paired with a rich macaroni and cheese with a side of sauteed green beans. (We got to check out a preview night on Saturday.)

The restaurant opens Mon. Dec. 6 for lunch and dinner and will serve the same menu all day long. The sandwiches range from a grilled chicken with goat cheese, fig, and prosciutto on ciabatta to a meaty beef tenderloin cheeseburger made with a half-pound of house-ground meat.

The wine list is heavy on New World varietals with 25 available by the glass.

Eurasia is located in the Whole Foods shopping center on Houston Northcutt. The space, tucked into the corner of the strip mall, is very Zen-like with green walls, rock gardens, and quiet lighting. For reservations, call (843) 606-2616.