[image-1]The cell phone SOBs are striking all over the place. At the premiere of Faustus Sunday night, a phone rang three or four times just down the aisle from me. It happened during a particularly lusty bit from the musicians, though, so I doubt anyone on stage, or under, heard it, though it annoyed all hell out of us within eye-rolling distance. One audience member who was at last night’s performance tells of another malefactor whose phone started shrieking during one of the opera’s quiet acapella moments, when the musicians were completely silent and you could hear a pin drop. Six times the phone rang, I’m told. Apparently baritone John Hancock, who sings Faustus, said afterward he was so ticked off he nearly broke character to give the jerkoff a public dressing down from the stage. Oh, that he had….

Public humiliation’s too good for ‘em. I’m increasingly in favor of drawing and quartering.