While more than 70 percent of District One Republicans voted for Tim Scott, making him very likely to become the only black GOPer in Congress next year, some white folks were clearly angry. Below is a comment that appeared in the online Post and Courier at the end of a story announcing Scott’s victory. These are the words of an unreconstructed bigot who is incredulous that his beloved Republican Party has broken the color line.

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nomoregop wrote:

2 bro’s, one from the hood; you know, right down the street here in Charleston by the crackhouse. The other one, from the streets of Maryland; each as cowardly yellow in their refusal of military service, as their skin is black….

They want to represent this district, you’re district and it’s hard working families and children; the sanctity of our military services, and our fallen in foreign lands. Each one of these people, 1 a Democrat & 1 a Republican know the welfare line, and chitlin’s better than they know dedicated service to country.

Do you feel sold out yet?