[image-2]With the exception of Comic Con, we can think of few places where publicly dressing as your favorite Anime character will get you anything more than side-eye looks. Until now.

Tokyo Crepes, the Japanese-style crepe biz that recently opened its second location on Spring Street, is offering any brave cosplay fan a special deal: 10 percent off if they don their favorite anime costume and stop by on the 30th of each month.

We’ll give you a minute to absorb that information.

Still with us? No, this isn’t a dream. It’s true. Arriving at 62 Spring St. on Fri. Jan. 30 in your Vegata costume is, contrary to all gut instincts, a good idea. 

“Every 30th is ANIPARA all day,” says Yukari Yucca, Tokyo Crepes co-owner. ANIPARA stands for Anime Paradise and the celebration applies to the entire Tokyo Crepes menu, which now includes vegan and gluten-free crepes, in addition to breakfast crepes now available all day. 

You’re welcome.