[image-1]As many as eight anonymous letters have been reported to the Charleston Police Department over the past week threatening violent attacks, with one letter specifically referencing Dylann Roof and the mass shooting that occurred at Emanuel AME Church last year.

“Every one of the 9 lives sacrificed by his greatness, Mr. Dylann S. Roof, is one less I will need to sacrifice,” read one handwritten note delivered to a downtown hotel last week, according to a report filed by the Charleston Police Department. Below the message, a pistol was drawn.

With jury selection for Roof’s federal trial set to begin Monday, occurring just across the street from the trial of former North Charleston officer Michael Slager, local law enforcement agencies have maintained an obvious police presence in the area surrounding the two downtown courthouses. While no specific threats have been announced to the public, law enforcement officials have asked citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious or threatening activity they might see during the two high-profile trials.

Last week, one anonymous letter received by another downtown hotel read, “Now here’s my plan: Travel to Charleston. Stay in a hotel. Order weapon to send to hotel. Do what needs to be done.”

A majority of the letters reported were received by hotels in downtown Charleston, and several specifically mention threats toward Muslim and Jewish people. According to reports filed by Charleston police, the messages are all handwritten and some appear to have been sent from outside the country, sharing similar postage stamps bearing an image of Queen Elizabeth and a blue background.

“Just a quick note to self,” begins one message. “Get Milk and bread. Drop off Kids. Break into synagogue, slaughter all Filth. Have a whisky. Enjoy a good movie.”

Another letter addressed to a downtown hotel threatened that “Bloodshed is coming,” and added that “Hitler never went far enough. When I kill Jews, there are no exceptions.” The author of the threatening messages cites the belief that he or she is doing “God’s work” in a separate letter reported within days of the others. Below that message, there was an image of an upside down cross.

While almost all of the letters sent to hotels within Charleston, James Island County Park also received a threatening handwritten letter, stating, “Who will I pay a large sum of money to carry out a massacre this time? Certainly a great investment if only for the entertainment purpose.”