Wed., Sept. 16: The Post and Courier reported that the Department of Homeland Security revoked Gov. Mark Sanford’s security clearance for a week in June after he admitted to a secret six-day trip to see his mistress in Argentina.

Thurs., Sept. 17, a.m.: State House Rep. Rita Allison (R-Spartanburg) announced a suit against an unknown person who sent a mailing out in her district that questioned whether she slept with Sanford in order to get the job of communications director for the S.C. Commission on Higher Education. The accusations stem from Sanford’s admission this summer that he "crossed the line" with other women. Aside from being a much older woman, Allison says in court filings that she is happily married and that the claims are false.

Thurs., Sept. 17, p.m.: The Associated Press, with its nose permanently placed in Sanford’s travel logs, reported that Sanford and his aids spent $63,000 on charter jets during two European trips, when commercial flights available would have cost a third of that amount.

Fri., Sept. 18: We’re just glad that The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes Friday off.