Anthony Bourdain is not only in town, he’s rollin’ with the locals.

Charleston musician, comedian, and podcast master Joseph Coker had the honor of doing jiu-jitsu with the celebrity chef earlier today at the Charleston Mixed Martial Arts (CMMA) on Remount Road in Hanahan.


Coker — who also runs Cool Afterschool, a traveling kids class teaching jiu-jitsu, dance, yoga, and visual arts — says he met Bourdain while training at the martial arts class. “I got to roll against him and everything,” Coker says. “He’s a super down-to-earth guy.” 

Well-known for hosting the Joseph Coker Podcast featuring local musicians, comedians, and more, Coker says the best part came later on after he tweeted a photo of them clad in karate attire, and Bourdain tweeted back. “We were joking because before the match, he had blood on his jacket and there was a conversation about whether it was mine or if it came from someone else,” Coker says. 

After a spotting at Waffle House, the Griffon, and, of all places, the CMMA, we wonder where in Charleston Bourdain will pop up next — and whose blood he’ll be wearing. Let us know if you see him out and about.