AFFA’s successful billboard campaign equating the gay rights struggle to civil rights just got a little company.

Lowcountry commuters heading home yesterday saw a new anti-gay billboard just before the Remount Road exit on I-26 West. The billboard reads “Heterosexual? It’s ok…” Did you realize straight people are being marginalized by all this talk about gay rights? Me neither.

The billboard has a tagline encouraging folks to go to turn2god .org. I will try to wrap-up their pitch (as subjectively as possible) so that you don’t have to click over and give them traffic.

• The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin. It’s not our place to interpret the Bible (leave that to King James).

• It doesn’t matter if you were born gay. You should repent and resist temptation (like Justin Timberlake videos, for example).

• Gays are trying to bully straight people into approving of gay marriage and gay rights. Apparently, gay activists “commonly” assault little old ladies (Honey, my savvy banter is a lot mightier than my puny left hook).

• The kicker is an assertion that gays should not be protected from targeted violence. Their suggestion is that there is more gay-on-gay domestic violence than hate crime incidences. (Well, it would make sense that gay relationships are just as rocky as straight ones. Does that make hate crimes OK?)

• Homosexuality is a mental disorder (but this kind of website is totally sane).

I’m sure it surprises no one that the maintainers of this site are anonymous (after all, the gays are chasing around little old ladies, for pete’s sake).