S.C. Pride is this weekend in Columbia. To commemorate the annual event, the group received city approval to hang rainbow banners on light posts downtown.

Apparently, this is tantamount to war, according to the Palmetto Family Council.

“This is about much more than a piece of cloth on a lamp pole.

The flag raised today is symbolic of the city’s ongoing and aggressive financial and institutional support of militant homosexual advocacy.

Taxpayers need look no farther than this year’s headliner, Pandora Boxx (or last year’s RuPaul) to see how their tax dollars and the city’s good name are being invested.

The City of Columbia is not neutral in this matter. It continues to take a side in the culture wars, which we believe is not appropriate for any government.”

We really haven’t heard much from the Policy Council since their failed effort to put six feet between a man and his stripper.