[image-5]Ask any homeowner if there’s something they’d like to update, change, or renovate, and you’ll probably hear a resounding “yes.” But then things like money, time, and talent prevent any DIY-ing from happening. But for three lucky Charleston residents that all changed when Antonio Sabato Jr. knocked on their doors bright and early this week.

Sabato Jr. was in town filming episodes for his show Fix It & Finish It, which airs at 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. during the week and 5:30 and 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays on CBS affiliate Live 5. And on Mon. Feb. 9, Sabato Jr. and crew rolled into West Ashley and surprised Teri Enrico (who’s contributed to City Paper in the past) and her fiancé Kyle Griffis.

Griffis and Errico moved into their house in November, and the one eyesore they’ve been dying to change is their living and dining rooms. They had some outdated features — like a perfectly Brady Bunch chandelier — but also needed the carpet to be replaced and walls to be repainted. 

Errico and Griffis had never heard of the show. They saw a listing on Reddit and applied. From there casting directors went through applications, conducted phone interviews, and visited the couple in their home. They were told that they’d find out the day of filming if they were selected. If someone knocked on the door, they were. If not, well, there’s always next year to save for that kitchen update.   

“They ask you for your advice as far as what you want to do, but then they take it and run with it,” explains Griffis. Errico adds, “Here’s the thing, I mean anything they do is better than it was. Even if we absolutely hate it, it’s still way better.”

The premise of Fix It & Finish It is that a crew of local painters, carpenters, and craftsmen come in and solve nightmares in one day. And Monday’s filming was Sabato Jr.’s 103rd episode. “I’m involved from A to Z — from demo, with the actual work, and the aftermath, the entire process of every show. I’ve done all of them,” he says. I’ve had to deal with termites, with issues finding nests inside, and walls that were extremely damaged by the time I removed wall paper, but we always do it. We always finish it.”

One thing Sabato Jr. doesn’t seem to help with is painting, as he sat the majority of that job out. Instead, he left that to the professionals of Five Star Painting.

An air-date hasn’t been released yet, but we’ve been told it should be within the next two months. For more information about Fix It & Finish It, visit fixitandfinish.com.