Newspapers across the country were buzzing Monday over a new survey by the Associated Press and MTV that said, among other things, that college students and teens say their family makes them happy. I was at first quite surprised that this would top the list, but then realized that these kids were asked about ALL the things that make them happy (only 20 percent said the number one thing that made them happy is their family). So, why all the attention on this happiness junk in the newspapers?

The answer can likely be found elsewhere in the survey:

Only 13% said they “could (not) live without” newspapers. This badly trailed such things as computers, the Internet and TV, each of which about half feel they need to survive. That same number, 13%, said they liked to keep up with the news “a lot.” The easy winner as source of news, surprisingly, was television, picked by 48%.

Only one in five said they read a daily paper the day before — nearly all them said they read a print copy, hardly read it “online.”