Morris Island probably hasn’t had enough time to recover from the trashiness (literally) of the Fourth of July celebrations, but it’s set to be party central yet again this weekend.

Aquapalooza, hosted by Sea Ray of Charleston, features fun times for everyone. (Everyone with access to a boat, that is.) Charleston is just one of 100 locations where the event will be taking place all over the world during the last two weeks of July. Aware of the debauchery that took place on the island over the holiday weekend, Sea Ray is providing trash bags to boaters and will be collecting the trash at the end of the event.

On the agenda for the third annual event are beach volleyball games, giveaways of lots of goodies, and live music from Lance Starr and the Reggae Rockers, the East Coast Party Band, Friends of Uncle Mingo, and the Blue Dogs. The event will take place on a 1,800 square-foot barge just off of Morris Island at the mouth of Charleston Harbor on Sat. July 18 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

If you have a boat and want to register for Aquapalooza, head to the website. For more info, contact Deni Huffman or Jim McClellan at (843) 747-1889.