Remember back in June when everyone was going crazy over the special election with heartthrob Dem Jon Ossof in Atlanta to replace the congressman President Trump appointed to head up HHS? Well, that wasn’t the home run election Democrats were hoping for (Ossoff lost by 3.6 percent), and Tom Price, the old congressman, resigned from HHS last week.

On the same day, voters in the 5th District voted to replace their own congressman, Mick Mulvaney, who had been pulled in to lead the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). That election in a Republican district turned out much closer than many national observers thought it would, with state Rep. Ralph Norman managing just 3.3 percent more support than Archie Parnell, a retired financial industry pro. Politico called his race “the best Democratic campaign of 2017,” and a top Democratic spokesman said Parnell’s folksy style made him well-suited for a political environment that places a growing premium on authenticity.
[content-2]Well, Parnell is back, announcing his candidacy for another 5th District run against his old opponent, now-incumbent freshman Congressman Norman.

[embed-1]If you remember, Parnell was the guy who also did that House of Cards send-up during the special election. He’s back again today with a decidedly-cheesy look at “life after” the close special election to announce his second attempt in the district.
[content-1]Parnell’s announcement makes him the latest S.C. Democrat to announce a bid for next year’s midterm elections. Historically, the first midterm election after a party-change presidential election is a reality check for the party in power. The 2010 elections brought us the tea party and the 1994 midterms saw the rise of Newt Gingrich and the ‘Contract with America.’ One Republican swept into office in 1994 was Mark Sanford, who is now fielding a challenge from Democrat Joe Cunningham. In SC-7, Congressman Tom Rice recently got a Democratic challenger in Bruce Fisher.