[image-1]Sure, we know chefs like Bob Cook and Frank Lee are a force in the kitchen. And bartender extraordinaire Jayce McConnell? Yes, we’d trust him with our life, or at least a life changing old fashioned.

But what would happen if the top toques and master mixologists pulled a Parent Trap kind of switcharoo? Chefs behind the bar, ‘tenders on the hot line. It could just be magic.

Mon. Sept. 25, Edmund’s Oast is testing this theory by throwing caution to the wind and drinks into a highball for the ultimate food and bev event: Switcharoo. Starting at 9 p.m., for one night only, the Oast as you know it shuts down, and a whole new world takes its place.

The evening will feature guest chefs Shuai Wang (Short Grain), Rob Laudicina (Spero), Vandy Vanderwalker (The Ordinary), Frank Lee, Alex Lira (Bar Normandy), and Italo Marino (Embers and Ashes), along with Edmund’s own Bob Cook behind the bar, each preparing a specialty cocktail.

In the kitchen bartenders McConnell, Adam Rothstein (Home Team BBQ), Sam Gabrielle (Proof), Jared Chafin (Indaco), Lane Becker (The Ordinary), and Nikki Fairman (FIG) create special dishes.

All proceeds from the event go to Ben’s Friends, a local food and bev industry support group that offers “hope, fellowship, and a path forward to professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.”

A limited number of reservations are available; call (843) 727-1145 to reserve a spot now. Walk-ups are welcome all night. And remember, this ain’t Top Chef, just a fun evening for a good cause, so no judging allowed.