The right has long been infatuated with keeping folks from having a good time. Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, Cinemax after dark, these have long been no-nos for the hard righters. But now Democratic Party shill machine Arianna Huffington and her increasingly self-referential website are taking a puritanical turn as of late.

And in this case, it’s all about discrediting senator-elect Scott Brown.

First up: Bashing Brown for a “centerfold” in Cosmo many many moons ago.

Next: His wife’s appearance in a quaintly scandalous music video from the ’80s.

And finally: A photo of Brown with his two bikini-clad daughters.

Evidently, Arianna forgot that being on the left means you aren’t afraid to show a bit of skin.

Let’s leave the puritanical huffing and puffing to the, um, party of abstinence-only education and promise keepers, all right, Arianna.