Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of who is actually behind all the diverse artistic expression at the bi-annual art party. We interviewed four artists with work at Saturday’s Kulture Klash 4.

John Horne

Talks about his key ramp sculpture and the idea behind it.

Carl Janes

Creator of the putt-putt course shares his golden balls.

More images of the Putt Putt course

Karin Olah

Talks about painting with fabric and Charleston’s beautiful blue skies.

Red Confabulation

Rocky Horror

Discusses his approach to live music.

Excerpt from “Dharma”
Dharma Excerpt

And lastly, in case you missed the actual artwork, here are some of the paintings and sculptures at Kulture Klash 4. Unfortunately, the majority of the art had no name or title next to it, so we can’t ID these. Readers are welcome to leave more information in the comments.