Still plenty of art to see, including:

Hirona Matsuda’s senior study in Discarded Objects and Cast Metal Sculpture at the Simons Center for the Arts, 54 St. Philip St. It’s in Room 110 of the sculpture studio. This is a great place to nip to between performances at the Center. Big draw: weird and wonderful art made from everyday objects. Big flaw: Finding the light switch on your way in.

While you’re at the College of Charleston building you can also see Surface Tension, which ends June 9. It’s an unusual sculpture show at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, and the perfect contrast to the more straightforward Rodin show at the Gibbes. Big draw: Hiroyuki Hamada’s otherworldly formations, defying gravity as they hang on the walls. Big flaw: The short run-time of the exhibition – about 3 weeks.

Fletcher Crossman’s Illumination in the Shadows at the City Gallery at Waterfront Park. These paintings are inspiring, sad, enigmatic thought-provoking and nostalgic. Big draw: the size and the sense of humor. Big flaw: None, really.