ArtFields returns to Lake City April 23 | File photo

ArtFields, the annual art exhibition and competition in Lake City, is accepting submissions for its 2021 festival. Artists from the Southeast can submit a visual art proposal now through Feb. 1 for the chance to win a public art grant.

Up to five artists can win the grant, and art from the winners will be on display through ArtFields 2021 and part of 2022. The grant will amount to $3,000, and will cover supplies needed for the artwork.

ArtFields Jr. is also accepting submissions by South Carolina student-artists 18 years old and younger. Submissions are free.

The nine-day ArtFields festival will be hosted April 23-May 1 next years in Lake City.

To apply for the artist grant, head to ArtFields’ website. Applications for ArtFields Jr. can also be found online.