[image-1]Lake City, S.C.’s annual arts festival and competition has recently opened a permanent gallery space filled with past ArtFields competition winners’ artwork.

Since 2013, Artfields winners have handed over the ownership of their work to the Lake City Creative Alliance, creating a veritable collection of Southeastern art. Until now, though, Artfields had nowhere to display these pieces.

Crossroads Gallery has a soft opening on Nov. 8 at 124 West Main Street, Lake City. Once open (date TBD) it will be open Tues.-Sat., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

“From the beginning of ArtFields, before we ever had our first event, we wanted to keep our top winners to create a collection of Southern art,” says the fest’s executive director Jamison Mady Kerr. “What’s interesting about the pieces that win is that it’s kind of a time capsule for each year, a peek into what’s going on at that time.”

Because there are so many past winners, not everyone’s work can be displayed at the same time, so the gallery will rotate works in and out. Current pieces on display include Charleston artist Colin Quashie’s 2018 people’s choice winner, “Plantation Tree of Life.”
[image-2] “Our goal is to make the collection something that artists can be proud to be a part of, and to showcase how much Southern artists have to offer,” says Kerr.

The gallery soft opens on Nov. 8 as part of a triple reception — “Lake City is small enough that we can really do three in a night” — where attendees can take in the collection of permanent works for the first time.

“I think that having both people’s choice winners and jury prize winners means that we can appeal to a broader audience and things that everyday people can relate to,” says Kerr. “We have pieces that are really impressive to anyone who knows the art and works within the arts and then we have work that’s really accessible.”

Learn more about ArtFields, which returns to Lake City April 24-May 2 2020, online at artfieldssc.org. And, if you’re interested in participating in the festival, you can still apply online.