Their Own Private Radio
If you hate corporate radio and anything resembling it, maybe it’s time to start hanging out in Mt. Pleasant’s I’On neighborhood. On July 9, I’On residents celebrated the first anniversary of their community radio station, which brings new meaning to the phrase “locally owned and operated.”

I’On Radio is a micropower station broadcasting on 1640 AM that can be heard in I’On and the surrounding communities, if you’re real close and the weather’s right. I’On Radio’s transmitter operates at just 100 milliwatts and has an effective radius of a single mile. So what can you do with such limited oomph? I’On Radio plays a large collection of music from local artists, from the Blue Dogs to the Southcoast Symphony. The station also features talk segments on local issues, nearly 200 archived interviews with Mt. P types from every social stratum, and even a few live shows. And if you ever miss a town council meeting, I’On Radio’s been known to broadcast recordings of every mesmerizing minute. If you find yourself out of broadcast range, you can catch live streaming audio anytime at”A year ago, if you listened to I’On Radio for two hours, you heard everything we had,” says William Hamilton, director of projects for I’On’s BizNet, a neighborhood advocacy group. “Over the next four days, we will broadcast 587 different items, and it may be days before some of this stuff repeats.”Sure, some of the programming might make listening to grass grow seem exciting by comparison — but it’s surely better than listening to Fall Out Boy 75 times a day on those other radio stations. —Steven Zimmerman

Nickle and Dime Time

On July 18, the South Carolina Arts Commission doled out nearly $2 million in arts grants to help support schools, artists, and nonprofit arts organizations statewide. Twenty-seven of the grants went to groups here in Chucktown. A small sampling of those who snagged operating support: Actors Theatre of S.C. ($9,112), Charleston Academy of Music ($7,290), PURE Theatre ($7,290), Charleston Ballet Theatre ($11,714), Charleston Stage Company ($25,301), the CSO ($21,084), Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs ($25,301), North Charleston Cultural Arts Dept. ($17,570), Footlight Players ($9,371), Spoleto Festival USA ($28,113), and Creative Spark Center for the Arts ($17,570). See the whole list at