[image-1]Carey Morton, a current MFA candidate at Clemson, creates work that “explores themes of cultural identity using metaphors found in the relationship between man and the natural world.” Heavy stuff, right? It helps to look at some of Morton’s work, which takes found objects — think a lot of branches — and crafts them into something accessible, be it staged scenes, or human-like figures.

Morton’s latest exhibit, Harbinger, opens at Redux on Fri. Jan. 5 at 6 p.m. Harbinger will be on display until Feb. 10, which means you can swing by Redux Tues.-Sat. to check it out.

Morton will also give an artist’s talk on Mon. Jan. 22 at 6 p.m., where he’ll likely discuss the inspiration for his work. His artist’s statement gives a sneak peek, “Throughout history there has been a deep human connection to the earth and an awareness of our role within the environment that contemporary culture often ignores. This work acknowledges both tangible and intangible attributes of human dependence on nature and visceral experience. Traditions of myth communicate a deeper, unspoken understanding of human consciousness.”