Award-winning American watercolor artist and Charleston resident Mary Whyte debuted her newest collection of portraits, We the People: Portraits of Veterans in America at The City Gallery on Oct. 25. The series features 50 large-scale watercolor portraits of veterans of all ages and walks — one from each state.

Beginning in 2010, Whyte set out to paint the portraits of 50 present-day American veterans. The end result depicts scenes of a Missouri dairy farmer, Rhode Island lobsterman, Pennsylvania science teacher, South Carolina single mother, and more, with each painting telling its own unique story of post-service life for American veterans.

On Sun. Nov. 11, Whyte’s exhibition was featured on CBS Sunday Morning, featuring Martha Teichner’s visits with some of Whyte’s subjects

We the People will be on display through Dec. 22 at The City Gallery at Waterfront Park.

For more information about the exhibit visit the Patriot Art Foundation website.

To learn more about Mary Whyte, her prior collections, and her career as an award-winning watercolor artist, visit MaryWhyte.com.