• Ash Hopkins, 2011

Through the early and mid-2000s, musician, songwriter, and studio engineer Ash Hopkins worked with such popular indie acts as Jump, Little Children, Cary Ann Hearst, Bain Mattox, Dan McCurry’s Run Dan Run, and others over the years. In 2007, Hopkins and his wife Giovanna Allegretti were ready for a fresh start, so they moved to Chapel Hill, N.C.

“I felt I had developed the requisite skills and perspective to make my own art on my own terms in relative sanity,” says Hopkins. He worked a projectionist and pizza guy before landing a job on an organic farm. Over the last two years, he recorded a six-song EP titled Collection and a 10-song album titled Reboot, which was officially released last month.

Reboot was produced in makeshift studios and closets, from Nashville to Charleston, with the help of a few friends,” Hopkins says. Most of the instruments on the album were performed by Hopkins himself. “There’s a difference between this album and the collections I made before,” he adds. “There’s also a difference between my life now and my life before I ever put in an eight-hour day on a farm. I’m not sure exactly how to say what that difference is, but I hear it when I listen to the record.”

Check out the music at ashleyhopkins.bandcamp.com.