Hey Sean Brock, have I got an idea for you.

Look, I know you’re into this whole regional cuisine thing. But there’s one dish that you’re really missing out on, one that’s more local than Madras shorts and Croakies on an aging frat boy.

And the best part is, nobody knows about it but me, and now I’m telling you all about it.

So what is the dish, you ask? Well, I’m calling it Ashepoo Shrimp. Awesome isn’t it.

Oh. You want to know more?

OK. Sure. Sure.


See, the truth of the matter is I don’t know exactly how to make Ashepoo Shrimp, but I know exactly what it does: it bursts into frikkin flames, man. I’m talking spontaneous combustion.

Just check out this bit from the P&C about the failed Magnolia project and the clean up efforts there and you’ll see what I mean (And you don’t need to thank me when Ashepoo Shrimp winds up on the menu at Husk, but be sure to get word my way. I certainly want to try it):

The properties are just below an area of the Ashley River that is famous among environmental regulators for a 1992 incident in which shrimp caught in the river spontaneously caught fire. The shrimp had been contaminated with phosphorous, which blazes when exposed to air.

Mmm. Doesn’t that just make your mouth water. Yum.