The Assorted Rogues ia a five-member sketch group that feasts on mainstream America’s weakness: mindless reality TV. Group member Andre Comfort says they’re heavily influenced by shows like Saturday Night Live and The Kids in the Hall.

“It’s pretty random, but we do a lot of parodies about pop culture,” he says.

The Assorted Rogues incorporate sketch, improv, and stand-up comedy into their shows, making the most of the group’s collective talents. Comfort has a background in comedy theater while Dusty Slay and Derek Humphrey regularly perform stand-up. Jordan Reeves and Ally Bing round out the bunch to provide a high-energy performance packed with witty dialogue and physical comedy.

Over the past year, The Assorted Rogues have performed four sold-out shows. “Be prepared to laugh,” Comfort says. “Our stuff is weird and edgy, but in a good way.” Oh and one more thing, Comfort adds, “Don’t bring the children.” —Marina Fleming