This weekend Harborfesters once again braved the sweltering summer heat to get a glimpse of the incredible tall ships in Charleston Harbor. That said, on the day that I was there some folks looked as if they were contemplating diving into the water, but as near as I could tell, no one succumbed to temptation unlike, say, our governor. The beautiful wooden ships — replicas of early seafaring vessels — help teach young and old landlubbers alike about the history of sailing while giving them a chance to stroll the decks of the ships. Cruises on the giant boats were also available, but they understandably filled up quickly. The Spirit of South Carolina and the Schooner Virginia were two of the most popular for harbor cruises. Not every attraction at Harborfest was on the water; there was also an air show featuring stunt pilots who seemed to fly mere feet above the masts of the tall ships before shooting back upward, making more than a few onlookers a bit uneasy. The United States Special Operations Para-Commandos also unleashed a flock of skydivers to the delight of the sweating crowd, some of whom might have been game for a free fall themselves — at least to cool off from the oppressive heat. Did I say mention it was hot? —Cara Kelly