This just in . . . —J.S.

On February 10th, The Map Room in West Ashley, SC will host the first screening of VOLITION, a Star Wars fan film.  In late 2005, a group of amateur and professional dramatists and Star Wars enthusiasts gathered together in Charleston, SC to pay homage to one of the most successful film series of all time.  With no possibility of being payed for their work, each individual volunteered their time and energy to the creating their own unique story set in the Star Wars mythology.  What they created is a jaw-dropping, action filled exhibition of their collective acting, fighting and creative skills.

The tradition of making Star Wars fan films exists because George Lucas, creator of Star Wars, has graciously allowed fans to create these projects. A general agreement exists between Lucas and his fans that no one will ever need to pay to view these projects.  Based on those wide parameters, Star Wars fans have been making their own short films, animated films, music videos and feature length films featuring both characters from the original films and creations of their own.  Through these independent projects, hundreds of Star Wars fans around the world have been able to show their own love of the films, while interpreting that fictional world through their own creative vision.  VOLITION is the latest fan film in that tradition.

The short film features several lowcountry talents as well.  JC Conway, of Theater Verve and the Footlight Players, was the principal fight choreographer for VOLITION.  Local actors Trevor Erickson, Heather Gadol, Christina Rhoades, Ramsey Scott, Robbin Knight and David Barr all appear in this project.  Even librarian Donald Chase took on the challenge of the playing a jedi for this collaboration.

As VOLITION saw it’s inception and creation in Charleston, it is only fitting that the premiere be held there as well.  The event at The Map Room will feature music from local bands from 7pm until 9pm.  VOLITION will be shown at 9pm and will be followed by karaoke into the wee hours of the morning.  The screening at The Map Room will be the first time for anyone to see VOLITION.  It will also be an opportunity for the public to meet members of the cast and crew.   After the screening, the short film will be available for download from it’s website,

The creative team behind VOLITION has endeavored to follow the tradition layed down by George Lucas in his films.  Following that example, they have made a film that is appropriate to PG audiences.  The film features the same sci fi action/violence that the Star Wars films are famous for.  Parents of children can be assured that they will not see anything in VOLITION that they would not see in any of the theatrical Star Wars films. The premiere will be free of charge and everyone is welcome.  Hope we see you there.

May the Force Be With You.