By now, you know all about the so-called sequel to Harper Lee’s classic coming-of-age novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and the events surrounding its publication. For example, you know that it’s not sequel in the true sense; in fact, the book, entitled “Go Set a Watchman,” is quite possibly the noted celebrated author’s first stab at what would later become “Mockingbird.” And sadly, you’ve probably heard that the TK-year-old Lee was possibly duped into releasing “Watchman,” a novel, some believe, she never intended to print.

But most of all, you know that “Watchman” takes one of the most noble characters in all of Western literature, Atticus Finch, and turns him into a racist.

I know, shocking. 

However, even the revelation that Atticus is a staunch segregationist is far from the biggest jolt that readers will receive upon reading this woeful sequel. To spare you from having to suffer through this miserable read, I decided to clue you in on the book’s most disturbing shockers. Here goes:

1. Jem joins the John Birch Society.