With a chorus of community leaders, teachers, and parents calling for the reinstatement of former Charleston County School District Superintendent Nancy McGinley, an attorney speaking for McGinley says the school board that previously voted 8-1 to accept McGinley’s resignation would have to show a dramatic reversal of opinion to bring McGinley back.

“There would have to be a clear majority, they would have to contact her, and they would have to be serious about bringing her back,” says attorney Nancy Bloodgood.

Bloodgood, who has been speaking for McGinley to the press, says that she has not yet been contacted by any school board members about the possibility of bringing McGinley back. The decision to release McGinley happened behind closed doors in executive session, and while board members have refused to discuss the reason for the dismissal, Bloodgood has confirmed one detail of the discussion: McGinley was forced out. “She left because they told her she could resign or be fired,” Bloodgood says.

The school board has seen some turnover since the vote that ended McGinley’s time at the school district, with November elections bringing three new members to the board. But board member Michael Miller, who cast the lone dissenting vote in McGinley’s dismissal, has pointed out that even if he and all three newcomers voted to bring McGinley back, they would not have a simple majority.

Bloodgood says McGinley was fighting an uphill battle with the board before she left.

“That board was 5-4 forever,” Bloodgood says, referring to numerous split votes near the end of McGinley’s tenure. “Everything that she did in October, it was just very difficult to work with a board that was that divided. I don’t think she’d go back to that situation. There would have to be a big change in the board, and I don’t think that’s happened.”