Ruta Smith / Scott Suchy

Gone are the days when Charleston was a hidden gem. The secret’s out, and we have the city’s beauty and celebrated events like 2020 Best Festival Charleston Wine + Food to thank for it. Many of Charleston’s outdoor attractions are visible from the top of a four story building, and a deeper dive unveils more of the sights that make the Holy City’s aesthetic unparalleled — we’re talking to you, Dock Street Theatre, 2020’s Best Building.

There’s also been an increase in job opportunities — shout out to the Medical University of South Carolina, 2020’s Best Place to Work, which employs nearly 20,000 people in the Lowcountry. And city living encompasses more of the Tri-county than ever before with places like Best Neighborhood winner Park Circle and special gatherings like James Island’s Pour House Sunday Brunch, which showcases the fabric of the city with products and food from local vendors. But don’t let us spoil all the fun; without further ado here are City Paper readers’ favorite parts about living in the Holy City.