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Artist and musician Charlie McAlister remembered by Shepard Fairey and friends

On February 26, 2018, the Lowcountry and the world lost a true musical and artistic genius, Charlie McAlister. Charlie Began to make and self release cassettes starting in the mid ’80s under a variety of different monikers. Eventually settling upon C.Mcalister and starting his own label, Flannel Banjo, these releases would find their ways into the hands of many devout underground music fans.

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‘Buyer & Cellar’ targets a niche audience — one we aren’t a part of

For the first time in our young lives, my fellow reviewer and I wandered into a public space and had to endure several hours of a production that was not targeted at our coveted demographic. And you know what? We were fine with that. The whole point of Piccolo Spoleto and Spoleto Festival USA is to expand the mind and experience new depths of artistic culture. We were hopeful, excited, even.