Eye Level Art’s Dark Arts Ball was quite a success, even though it was way the heck up on Heriot Street at their warehouse gallery. Valet parking greeted guests and relieved the stress of meandering through the ghetto. From there, attendees were free to roam inside and out. The seemingly number one highlight of the evening was the open bar stocked with rum punch, sangria, a green tea inspired mix, beer, and wine. Street Food catered creative finger foods like meatballs, pad thai, and corndogs till midnight, and local artists displayed their scariest, bloodiest work, all in the name of Halloween.

The Dark Arts Ball hosted an eclectic mix of people from just barely-legal to older folks, with a happy medium of 20-30-year-olds. Music from Nate Fowler of Stella by Starlight and DJ Matthew Bowers got the crowd going inside, but the tamer crowd was just as happy to enjoy the night on couches outside, carefully situated between candlelit tables. Many went all out with their costumes — one of our unbiased favorites was Charleston’s Sexiest Alleged Art Thief, worn by a City Paper staffer. The best part was, the man who inspired the costume was bartending the event. Small town, indeed.

As with any party, there were a couple of downsides. A big one: The bar ran out of everything but white wine and beer by midnight. Obviously organizers didn’t anticipate how voraciously drinkers will attack an open bar. However, other than that the night went off seemingly without a hitch. Compared with most downtown bars that had an hour-plus wait time, the Dark Arts Ball was one of the most hassle-free places to be on the peninsula.