South Carolina’s favorite comedian homeboy Aziz Ansari has a new web series on YouTube, and it’s all about the food. The aptly named Food Club follows Ansari along with comedian Eric Wareheim and writer Jason Woliner as they “set sail on a culinary voyage.” The crew dresses up in nautical wear — they even have a swab to help them on their voyage, Swab Yang — and travel to L.A.-area restaurants to taste their eats and determine if they deserve the Food Club plaque, or if the plaque needs to be burnt at the front door of the eatery.

In the first episode, the group travels to Wolvesmouth, an underground eating club, for a nine-course meal. Despite some faux-tense moments, like a very dramatic reaction to some chocolate that ends up smeared on the crisp white shirt of Wareheim, the series is entertaining. Top Chef alums Ilan Hall and Michael Voltaggio also make cameos.
Check out the YouTube video above to see the 15-minute video, which after just two days has more than 34,000 views