New to the bass at the time, Jenna Desmond joined SUSTO when the group’s former bass player Jordan Hicks hitched up to Johnny Delaware’s the Artisanals a couple years back. Since then, she and multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Corey Campbell have formed indie-pop duo Babe Club, a one-time side project that went official last year and is now  their one and only commitment — their final SUSTO show took place in Columbia on Sat. Sept. 29. With this news, Babe Club have also dropped their debut single, “Hate Myself.” 

Desmond says the lyrical content of the single is a reflection of her life over the past few years. “When I started playing in SUSTO, I had just graduated school, and Corey taught me how to play bass so I could join them on the road,” she says. “It was monumental to me that the guys in SUSTO saw potential in me and gave me the opportunity to be on the road with them … It’s bittersweet to go, but we’re excited to do Babe Club full-time.”

“Hate Myself” is also the first single Campbell and Desmond have self-produced and recorded. “We did it in the AAA storage units downtown where Wolfgang Zimmerman used to have his studio,” Desmond says of The Space, where everyone from Grace Joyner to Band of Horses have mic’d up at. The legendary units, which were also once home to multiple rehearsal spaces for local acts, shuttered this past September.

Babe Club collab’d with a few friends to create the new track, namely the High Divers’ Julius DeAngelis on drums and Doom Flamingo’s Ross Bogan on synthesizer, and She Returns From War’s Camille Rhoden provided harmonies. Andy Dixon of Ramshackle Studios mixed the single.

The track also speaks to the songwriter’s feeling of isolation that came with being the only female in a band. “I joke and say SUSTO was my first job, because I had a lot of insecurities doing something totally foreign to me,” she says. “I had Bambi legs. I felt pretty isolated after being on the road so long, especially during our current political times. I lost contact with a lot of ladies in my life at first, and felt alone because I had no one to relate to. So, hence ‘I hate myself.’ I think in general when people start working full-time, everyone gets busy, and keeping friendships and staying social is really hard sometimes.”

In the middle of their tour with Airpark (indie pop outta Nashville) along the East Coast and Midwest, Babe Club will stop into the homestead a.k.a The Royal American to perform the new track and more on Sat. Nov. 10. Tom Angst, an Upstate-based indie act led by vocalist Danielle McConaghy, will open.

“Hate Myself” was premiered this week via Vents Magazine and is now available on all streaming platforms.

Stay tuned for details on who’s set to take on bass and keys roles in SUSTO. “We are all very excited for Corey and Jenna,” frontman Justin Osborne says, “and can’t wait for all the great things to come from Babe Club.” Same, SUSTO, same.