This morning I was watching CNN Headline News when a report came on about Baby Grace. Generally speaking I don’t think this sort of story has any place on a national news program. It’s a sad story for sure. A real heartbreaker. But it’s a local story that really has no place on a national newscast.

And I’m of the opinion that the reason why CNN or Fox News or MSNBC is so keen on keeping us up to date on this tragic story has less to do with identifying Baby Grace or capturing her killers and more to do with exploiting her death to win a bigger share of the television audience.

With that in mind, I thought it was terribly tacky this morning when Headline News ran a segment on a hip hop video on YouTube inspired by Baby Grace. Call me a cynic, but in this day and age of Obama girl and the like, I question the intentions of those who made this video. You can see it for here and judge for yourself.

As for CNN and Headline News, well, they continue their downward slide thanks to their continued devotion to car chase clips, convenience store robbery footage, outtakes from America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Baby Grace has since been in