Mia Al-Taher

Alt rock band Baby Yaga released a music video Monday for “Going to Hell,” the lead single for their debut EP Fuck, which dropped today. The video’s got all of the punk energy of the album, particularly in the catchy chorus.


Throughout the video, the band takes part in some light-hearted sacrilege: they smoke pot in church, play sinful tunes in the sanctuary, guitarist Avery Greeson dresses up as a nun and vocalist Presley Randall licks a priest’s face. Presley summons the devil, played by producer Matt Tuton, and hangs out with him. It’s a good time.


is full of comic rebellion like “Going to Hell.” The opening track, “I’m Going Back,” kicks the door down, opening the floor for big tunes like “One of a Million,” “Right Love” and “Needed You.” For the entire EP, they just keep the energy and angst rolling, bringing out the grunge kid in all of us.