Does Mark Sanford have a political future? A few months ago the question would have been ludicrous, but FitsNews argues convincingly that he is positioning himself for a U.S. Senate run in 2014 or 1016. He’s still young (by Strom Thurmnod standards!), still has a political message, which he sounds at every opportunity. Is he building his legacy or building his career. Read what Fits has to say:

“My political career is over,” Sanford remarked last August.

But is it over?

Sources close to the governor tell FITS “absolutely not.” And there’s some reason to believe that their predictions for his political future will come true. After all, Sanford still has a huge campaign war chest at his disposal. And he still enjoys surprisingly high polling numbers among Republican voters — in an overwhelmingly “Republican” state.

That means if Sanford is able to win a statewide Republican primary (which at this point he appears reasonably well-positioned to do against a generic opponent), then he would immediately become the favorite in a general election — baggage and all.

Plus, his allies say, Sanford has a winning message — the marked contrast between his personal failing and the fact that he “never wavered” from his commitment to the taxpayer. Obviously that last point is debatable (as it would be with anyone who uses public funds to facilitate a private rendezvous), but the fact that we are debating it at all goes to the larger question … why would Sanford invest so much time and energy reinforcing this as a central theme of his image reclamation efforts if he didn’t plan on mounting another bid for public office at some point?

Does he really just care that much about his legacy? Or is there a more practical purpose at work?