Not to be outdone by Maurice Bessinger, David Duke, and Michael Richards, homework has apparently decided to get involved in the race-hate business. OK. At least one homework assignment at Dor County school, according to a WCSC report:

How do you teach youngsters about reconstruction and the role of the Ku Klux Kan? That question is being asked today in Dorchester County. All South Carolina fifth graders must learn about reconstruction, which includes a lesson about the Klan.

One Dorchester County mom says the homework assignment her son was given on the subject was racist and she wants to see changes.

In Marquez Horne’s 5th grade class at William Reeves Elementary School, each student had to list three details about each topic and draw a picture.

Marquez drew a Klansman and a burning cross.

Um. A couple of things here.

One. Was Marquez told he had to draw a Klansman and a burning cross or was that something he did on his own? Before anyone starts throwing around the R-word, that question really needs to be answered.

Two. If Marquez was not required to draw a burning cross or a Klansman, exactly what was he and his classmates instructed to draw?

Three. Drawing pictures, as way for fifth graders to learn history? What’s next a shoebox diorama for algebra class? Coat-hanger mobiles in biology? Finger-painting in phys ed?

That said, yeah, it probably wasn’t a good idea to ask anybody to draw anything about Reconstruction. It wasn’t a pretty time.