Today, we hear things could go from bad to worse for LGBT teens in Lexington-Richland School District 5, mother ship of Irmo High School–home of a hotly contested proposed Gay-Straight Alliance student organization.

IRMO, S.C. (AP) — Rather than risk a lawsuit by banning a gay student organization, a South Carolina school district is considering whether to ban all student clubs that don’t relate to academics or sports.

The Lexington-Richland School District 5 school board plans to vote Monday night on whether the district should ban the clubs as a way to shut down a proposed group called the Gay-Straight Alliance.

A school spokeswoman says the district couldn’t stop the alliance from forming because federal law prohibits discriminating against a club based on its purpose.

Last month, Irmo High School principal Eddie Walker announced he would step down at the end of the next school year because the Gay-Straight Alliance conflicts with his beliefs and religious convictions.

I’ve heard several behind-the-scene stories about this controversy, including conjecture regarding the principal’s departure. This, to me, is only just so much noise that detracts from the very real problems faced by LGBT teens nationally that include ostracism, violence, suicide, substance abuse and the like. Besides, if you’ve never been to Irmo, SC before, I’m here to tell you that it’s not the most progressive environment in the Palmetto State. If you know anybody up there, get on the horn and make ’em attend that school board meeting.

I mean, if the board bans all clubs lacking an academic of athletic reason for being, then just how-in-tarnation are they ever gonna get prayer back in schools?