When polled, most people will admit to having stayed in a bad relationship longer than they reasonably should have. Many can think of at least one time when the only redeeming aspects of that sour relationship were the physical benefits. Gus Weiderman — also known as the talented John Brennan — certainly knows the trials and tribulations of dating disasters, and he has cleverly pulled the most entertaining from his experiences with girlfriend “Alexis” for the base material of the hilarious one-man show, The Banana Monologues.

After emerging from the back of the theater in full banana costume, Brennan starts the show by conducting his own social experiment, asking audience members to raise their hands if they had ever been in a relationship. The majority of the crowd, who seemed to be on dates as Brennan was speaking, raised their hands. He continued his poll by asking who had ever been in a bad relationship, and even who was in a bad relationship currently, to which he had one girl respond, to the annoyance of her significant other.

The set-up was perfect for the relatable scenes that followed. Although the details are different for everyone, the situations were universally recognized as the audience laughed and nodded their heads — been there, done that. Brennan hit the classics: a relationship with a person with whom you have nothing in common except an inexplicable physical attraction, the long-distance relationship, female statements men will never understand, mind games, the best guy friend, and finally, the dreaded break-up. In addition, Brennan repeatedly referenced one of the most popular love stories of all time. Yep, Dirty Dancing.

The energetic performance had audience members in hysterics for the majority of the hour and fifteen minutes, and they let him know how much they appreciated it on the way out as Brennan thanked everyone for coming.