After spending the day at the Gaillard and Marion Square drumming up enthusiasm for tonight’s performance of The Banana Monologues, creator John Brennan kindly gave me a call to fill me in on what’s happening. Turns out he’s been in touch with a scout from New York for the past two years. The scout in turn has been pitching the Brennan’s one-man show to no avail to a director whose attentions were on another, more pressing show. That period has ended and now the director in question, Michael Parva, head of a group called The Director’s Company, wants to see it. The Director’s Company’s mission is to discover new works for the stage and groom the next generation of American directors for the stage. Brennan doesn’t know what will happen, but he knows he’s got a shot at putting The Banana Monologues in front of someone. So he’s off on June 15, right after Piccolo Fringe ends. Meanwhile, he continues wearing the banana suit to drum up interest. Why? “Because if I wore a penis suit, I would seriously alienate my audience,” he says. -JS