Monster Music & Movies will host a free listening party for the upcoming Band of Horses album Mirage Rock on Friday at 6 p.m., four days before the album’s release. If you go, you’ll get a free beer and a free slice of Baroni’s pizza, plus you can enter your name in a drawing for a signed test pressing of the vinyl record. Alternately, you can stream the album on Band of Horses’ Soundcloud page, but y’know, the internet doesn’t have free pizza and beer.

Manager Wray Newcomb says the store started doing weekly Friday-evening listening sessions back in July with the release of Savannah metal act Baroness’ double album Yellow & Green. Two weeks ago, on the night of the blue moon, they offered Blue Moon beer and played the bizarro new Swans album The Seer. “We have really good pizza, really good beer, and we try to play a really good album,” Newcomb says.

This is the first time the store has done a listening party in advance of an album’s release, and Newcomb says it’s happening because lead singer and Charlestonian Ben Bridwell, who shops at the store, put in a call to Sony Music suggesting it.

Fair warning about Mirage Rock: It might take a little while to grow on you. We got to preview it last month, and we were at first taken aback by some stylistic nods to ’70s soft rock. But over time, it has worked its charm on us.

Oh, and last we heard, Newcomb hadn’t picked out the beer for this listening session yet. Know any good craft brews with horse puns in their names?