Charleston-based pop-rock act Band of Horses — singer/guitarist Ben Bridwell, drummer Creighton Barrett, bassist Bill Reynolds, keyboardist Ryan Monroe, and new guitar player Ludwig Boss — recently finished up some heavy-duty summer touring across North American and European tours, and there’s more on the way.

In the meantime, Bridwell and some of his mates are obviously up some quick buzz-generatin’ action. They booked a spur-of-the-moment gig at the Village Tavern this evening (Mon. Aug. 3), with opening set from newly-formed local band The Green & Bold (featuring Dex Cox, Kevin Hanley, Stephanie Something, Billy Compton, Steven Thompson, Richard Hussey, Josh Kaler, Cary Ann Hearst, and other local musicians). Should be a hoot.

Limited tickets went on sale at 52.5 Records earlier today and sold out almost immediately. A crowd stuck outside milling around in the parking lot at Crickentree Village off of Johnnie Dodds Boulevard? That’ll be half the scene tonight. Stay tuned for a full report in the Scene this week.