Fifteen years after Patrick Combs had a bizarre contre-temps with his bank, he’s still telling his story, and it continues to evolve. He’s just heard from an employee of First Interstate, who sent him insider info back when he was combating the bank. “Wally” says he hated working there, and was fired two weeks after his dealings with Combs.

For the last few nights of his Piccolo Fringe run, Combs says he will include a brand new update on Wally. Local audiences will be the first to hear what happened to the freedom-loving suspected stoner.

Combs’ show is internationally successful partly because of its immediacy. As you watch his one-man play, it’s as if you’re witnessing his adventure as it unfolds. A new take on old Wally will definitely enhance that feeling.

Man 1, Bank 0 runs through June 12 at the American Theatre.