With a successful grand opening on Friday night, Midtown Bar and Grill joined the restaurant and design district of Upper King Street. Significant lines formed outside on both Friday and Saturday, despite the ample empty space inside. Whether it was opening weekend fear of the fire marshal or a lower-than-expected capacity that kept the lines long, we’re not complaining — It was a refreshing change to be able to move easily throughout a bar on Upper King. The patio, however, was the hot spot, and we also appreciated the age range of the crowds. In an area of town polarized by older clientele and under-aged spots, it’s a pleasant surprise to see groups of mid- to upper-20-somethings.

Midtown also boasts two more highly attractive qualities. Cheapskates will be glad to hear that cover charges will not be implemented (that’s the rumor, anyway). And late night noshers will appreciate their offering the only late night take-out window in the Upper King area. With a range of fried goodness, large burgers, and tasty nachos, the idea of take-out available into the wee hours of the morning is almost more than we can stand.