[image-1]Bar Mash, part of the Old Cigar Factory’s restaurant and bar pair, Mercantile and Mash, has become a cozy haven of high-quality cocktails and decadent bar snacks. The place sees a healthy crowd even on a Tuesday night, with customers stopping in to try whatever “Tropical Tuesday” cocktails bar manager Teddy Nixon and crew have come up with. The bar recently rolled out a new bar menu, crafted by Mercantile and Mash’s Executive Chef Tim Morton. 

The menu is on the hearty side of bar fare, featuring enough fried, cheese-laden items to soak up the strongest of well-mixed drinks. Read on for some of our suggestions and check out the full menu below. And while Nixon is currently on what a friendly barkeep tells us is a “pilgrimage” in Europe, he’ll be back soon to debut some new drinks, too.

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