Beach volleyball is, perhaps, the most totally badass way that any guy or gal can spend a day at the beach. Even Maverick and Goose loved to play in their jorts and aviator sunglasses. While Top Gun may not exactly be an expert on the sport, the folks at Barefoot Wine know enough about it to sponsor the AVPNext Championship Cup. The competition, which has taken place in 16 different cities, is gathering the best and brightest beach volleyball players from across the country to compete in San Francisco in August at the AVP Crocs Tour.

In Charleston, women’s tournaments take place on Wednesdays and men’s tournaments on Thursdays with the last game being next week on July 16. If you want to catch the action, stop by the Windjammer on IOP. And we do mean action. Did you know that the international governing body for volleyball actually made a standardized uniform for female volleyball that is simply a bathing-suit? That’s it. We know, très scandalous.

But that’s not to trivialize the sport. Let’s be honest, it’s hot as hell out there and these players are doing some pretty rigorous activity. So head on out and cheer them on. All you have to do is sit in your comfy seat and sip on the beverage of your choice. These games are free and open to the public, so why not show some support to our local athletes before they head out to the crazy heathen world of the West Coast to meet the pros.