Gubernatorial candidate Gresham Barrett says the GOP primary runoff is about honest differences with frontrunner Nikki Haley, who was just shy of the majority she needed on primary day to avoid the June 22 runoff.

Both Barrett, an Upstate Congressman, and Haley, a Lexington state legislator, are fighting for their political career, but Haley is certainly playing this like the inevitable winner.

In e-mail blasts since the primary, Barrett has been highlighting Haley’s Statehouse votes on the Obama stimulus, abortion, and other issues that would paint her as less than conservative. The campaign season has been plagued with two affair accusations against Haley, but Barrett says he’s going to be sticking to legitimate differences in their records.

“The people of South Carolina are going to be proud of the campaign we’re running,” he says.

Mt. Pleasant Mayor Billy Swails said this race isn’t about who showed up on June 8, but who will show up on June 22.

“The score is zero to zero,” Swails said.