[image-1]Here’s the Wrap:

• Bad Sign: We’ve got the first named storm (Andrea) and the hurricane season doesn’t even start until June 1.

• For all the crap I’ve given Mitt Romney (here and here) it’s surprising we have the same taste in science fiction. I, however, realize it’s fiction.

• Prisoners forced to lick toilet bowls clean. Well, if it’s that or prison food …

• 2.5 million viewers turn off their TVs. The reason? They’re still in line at the Wal-Mart.

• At 65 lbs., Tammy Faye may be near death: “I need God’s miracle to swallow.”

• News Wrap Update: “Get a Divorce” billboard is scrapped.

• South Korean country gives up award for workers who hit the bars. Sounds good to me. Heck, I’m drunk right now … wait, that’s just the Claritin talking.